Business Plan

If you have joined the John Maxwell Team for the business opportunity, then you will want to complete the following steps.

There are several avenues to earn income in your business. Some people choose to focus their business in one area, while others may incorporate all of  the areas. Even though you may choose to solely focus on one area, we highly encourage you to go through all the training modules. They will serve you greatly in more than just one way.

Here are the main areas you can earn income in your business.

COACHING: Income can be created from one-on-one coaching clients as well as mastermind groups and other group coaching opportunities. Coaching skills can serve you in your business in many ways. Even if you don’t see yourself building a coaching practice, the coaching training modules are important for relationship building, understanding your client and their needs, and help you maximize your ability to be a change agent. We recommend you go through all the coaching training modules.
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SPEAKING: Income can be earned from being paid by companies and organizations to speak to their audience as well as you own seminars and workshops. In this business, whether you are being paid to deliver a keynote or you are simply speaking in front of your mastermind groups, it’s important to develop your ability to speak clearly and effectively so that you can make a positive impact.
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TEACHING: Income can be earned from teaching company employees and leaders on any of the JMT learning systems. It’s important to become familiar with the Core Learning Systems. You don’t need to master all of them, but rather pick 2 or maybe 3 to master.  You should offer these materials as part of your main service.
Click here to review all Core Learning Systems.

SALES: A large part of your income earning potential and business success will be determined by your ability to sell your products and services. You may be a great teacher, speaker, and trainer, however if you cannot sell, your business will struggle. Spend a quality time going through all the Sales training modules. They will be a great resource for you as you build your business.
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The amount of money you may earn is not guaranteed.  It will depend upon your ability, effort and business strategies. You may find that doing some work in each of these areas, especially in the beginning, will help you better understand which area fits you and your passion the best. Whether you decide to build your business in one, two, or all three of these areas, we have found that building a business requires a successful foundation. You will find the steps to building your business below.


Click Below to Print ‘Business Building’ Checklist

Business Building Checklist
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1. Reflect

  • Use your answers to these questions as a guide to help you filter through the material and make more effective decisions on how to grow your business.

    • What are your strengths and gifts?/What are you good at?
    • What is your area of interest and why?
      • Coaching, Training, Speaking?
    • What types of needs/problems do you enjoy solving?
    • Is this something you see yourself doing full time? If so, by when?
    • What may hold you back from realizing your goals?

2. Set Your Goals

  • Write out what goals you would like to achieve in your business over the next 6 months and 12 months:

    • What would you like a typical day to look like in your business?
    • How many coaching clients would you like?
    • How many coaching/training contracts would you like?
    • How many lunch and learns would you like to complete?
    • How many mastermind groups would you like to run?
    • How many speaking engagements would you like to do?
    • How many seminars/workshops would you like to do?
    • Other goals?
  • Write out your personal income goals for each area of your business  (your profit centers) over the next 6 months and 12 months.

    Click Below to Print ‘Income Goals’ worksheet

    Income Goals worksheet.

3. Create Your Plan To Go Forward

    • Set yourself up for success:

      Calendar your business building time:

      • It’s critical that you plan each day. Get out your calendar and set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. This is your JMT Business Power Hour where your focus is entirely on making contacts/networking, sending offers/emails for lunch and learns, mastermind groups, and other business building activities. Results vary depending on the amount of time you put into building your business.
    • Set up your website/business cards:
    • Understand a Business Model that works:
      • On the Online Platform, go to the menu tab “Business Building” for “Business Building & Marketing Tools.”
      • Watch and take notes on Paul Martinelli’s video series called “A Business Model That Works” to learn how to use mastermind groups as a way to build your business.
    • Identify your target market:
      • Who do you want to work with? Who are you compelled to share your message with and help? Before you set out to build your business, it’s important to know who you want to work with or in other words, who is your target market? Go to TRAINING > SALES TRAINING and watch Ed DeCosta’s Sales Training Videos from Module 1 – Part 1 to get a better understanding of who you want to work with and how to best connect with them and their needs and wants. Take the time to go through the worksheets for each video. This is a very important step!
      • After you have a better understanding of your target market, research and build a list of 30-50+ companies, organizations, and/or people you would like to connect with and potentially work with. Click here to use the worksheet to organize your potential ideal clients.
      • With your goals in mind, identify what you would like to offer to your target market. For example, invite them to participate in a mastermind group, offer to do a free lunch and learn, offer a free 30 minute coaching session, invite them to your workshop/seminar, request a meeting/appointment, etc.
    • Plan to network with your target market:
      • It’s necessary to start building quality relationships with your target market. Go to TRAINING > MARKETING TRAINING > NETWORK TRAINING and listen to the two training calls on networking for your business. These training calls will help you create meaningful conversations with your target market.
      • Research local networking opportunities – Click here to use the Networking List Building Form.  Here are a few ideas for networking groups:
        1. BNI
        2. Rotary
        3. Chamber of Commerce
        4. Toastmasters
        5. Professional groups
        6. Meetup groups
        7. Other
      • If you don’t already have some, purchase professional looking note cards. You will want these on hand so you can send handwritten note cards to the contacts you meet face to face. Sending a personal note is a powerful way to establish rapport and begin building your network.


4. Execute Your Plan

      • Once you have identified your target market and have completed your  target market research, it’s time to execute! The execution phase is critical! This is where you build your network and begin to market your services.

        • Build your network:

          • Once you have selected a networking group or two to visit/join, be sure to add that meeting to your calendar.
          • Send a handwritten note card to the new contacts you make.
          • Leverage what you have learned from the Sales training and Networking training modules as you build relationships with others, especially those in your target market.
        • Market to your network:

          • Mastermind groups and Lunch and Learns are a great way to market yourself and your business. If you haven’t already done so, go to the Study Time section of the site and follow the step by step instruction for preparing for and booking your first Mastermind group and Lunch and Learn.

5. Create Daily Success Habits

It’s important for you to leverage your time effectively and work to create connections as often as possible. Plan to do these activities every day. To start, pick one or two items below to focus on and make them a habit.

    • Mastermind Groups:

      • Every day invite 2 or more people to participate in your next mastermind group. Use the email templates and scripts on the web site. Here are a few ideas of who to ask:
        1. People you already know from your existing network
        2. People in your networking groups
        3. People who are already in your mastermind groups
        4. People you meet out and about
        5. Cold calling people/organizations outside your existing network
    • Lunch and Learns:

      • Every day offer to do a free Lunch and Learn to 2 or more people/organizations. Use the email templates and scripts on the web site. Here are a few ideas of who to ask:
        1. People you already know from your existing network
        2. People in your networking groups
        3. People who are already in your mastermind groups
        4. Cold calling people/organizations outside your existing network
    • Complementary Coaching Sessions

      • Every day offer to do a free 30 minute coaching consultation. Use the resources under the Coaching Training. Here are a few ideas of who to ask:
        1. People who are already in your mastermind groups
        2. People who have attended one of your Lunch and Learns
        3. People you meet at your networking groups who share their challenges, needs, and wants with you.
    • Follow up

      • Be sure to follow up with every new contact and every lunch and learn prospect. This is a critical step in the relationship building process. Here are some ideas on how to follow up:
        1. Use the resources located here for Lunch and Learn follow up: TRAINING > MARKETING TRAINING > LUNCH AND LEARN TRAINING
        2. Write a personal handwritten note to every new prospect you make
    • Cold Calling

      • Not everyone likes cold calling, but those who do it consistently create success. Don’t be shy, give it a try. Here are some ways you can reach out and make some new connections with people outside of your current network:
        1. Every day call 2 or more contacts on your target market list
        2. Every day email 2 organizations/companies on your “Potential Client” list and ask if you can give a free lunch and learn presentation.
        3. Every day call 2 or more contacts on your “Potential Client” list.

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