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If we want to advance in life, if we want to compete in the world of constant scientific, economic, cultural and even climatic changes, we can not be trapped in a past that no longer belongs to us.


Let’s look to the future for new opportunities and challenges.
Maintaining our values ​​of justice, trust and humility towards our fellow men, under established divine principles.


Remove them to find new opportunities in your way.
There will always be someone who will be ready to help you, but if you do not advance, you will never get to where fresh water will help you regain new strength.


To achieve worthy things, you have to take risks. If you do not, you’ll never know if you could have made it or not.
And maybe you will always live with doubt, and that is a very heavy and frustrating burden to bear.


Never give up your dreams they wait for you ready to be materialized.
Dare they only depend on one talent, you forget you have it.


Do not put your age as an excuse, fight for what you have always wanted to be, if you achieve your dream, not only change your life, also that of other people, you could lead to new horizons.


If you feel that you carry heavy things of the past, and that you have already tired, detained or condemned to not realize your yearnings; Dare and take them away as a pair of zapat —– Message truncated —–

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